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#GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

In this week’s #GeekReads: how television can change your brain; a tribute to Oliver Sacks; reducing the gender gap in computer science; understanding borderline personality disorder; excessive egocentrism.

Socially aware television. Parasocial relationships with television characters can both reduce and reinforce prejudices about race and sexuality. From Maanvi Singh via NPR.

Using imagination to see. Neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks rejected a monolithic mindset and saw medical science as a vast, largely uncharted wilderness to be tamed. From Jerome Groopman via The New Yorker.

Geek chic? Research suggests that designing less ‘geeky’ classrooms can encourage girls to get more involved in computer science. From Molly McElroy from Futurity.

Hard to relate. New research has found that people with borderline personality traits may have lowered brain activity in regions of the brain important for empathy. From University of Georgia via PsyPost.

Excessive egocentrism. Psychologist Nicholas Epley discusses our pervasive belief that we’re on center stage, and how it affects our ability to understand others. From Nicholas Epley via Nautilus.


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Image: flickr/Kirsi L-M, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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