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#GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

In this week’s #GeekReads, we learn how Facebook uses our competitive obsession with numbers to keep us coming back. New research also shows what’s really happening in the minds of those who deny climate change. Get ready to get your geek on!


The Fred & Ginger of Our Minds. Some argue that empathy is no substitute for reason. Rather than seeing them as polar opposites, we should understand how reason and empathy dance together.

Living for likes? The psychology behind getting Facebook ‘likes’ and the competitive – and addictive – nature that keeps us coming back.

The neuroscience of Harry Potter. Neuroscientists scanned people’s brains while they read passages from Harry Potter. What they learned could help us to understand how tension and conflict are key to eliciting empathy in the stories we tell.

The psychology of denying climate change. While it seems like the climate change debate is about science and facts, new research shows that we’re really disagreeing about something totally different – the proposed solutions to the problem.

Copying you…when no one is looking. When we are choosing between two products that we know nothing about, we tend to imitate the choices of others – but only when no one is watching us.

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Image: flickr/Thomas Angermann, CC BY-SA 2.0

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