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#GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

In this week’s #GeekReads, we learn that paying negative forward is easier than paying positive forward; why that video went viral; and how our brains trick us into thinking we’re greener than we are.


The secrets behind why that video went viral. This smart New Republic write-up shares some of the secrets behind videos that go viral, including intensity of emotion, the element of surprise and a desire to authenticate your identity by sharing the video.

Laughing at a funeral? We have all probably laughed at an inappropriate time – or experienced other mismatched emotions. New research shows that humans exhibit these conscious and unconscious behaviors to aid their emotional self-regulation.

When it isn’t paid forward. We’ve seen paying-it-forward stories – toll-booth chains where people pay for the driver behind them. Not to harsh your feel-good buzz, but new research shows that we are more likely to pay greed forward – especially if we feel cheated by a previous interaction. Good news: Creating a shared identity – or “groupiness” – will help keep greed in check.

The partisan Internet. Social media is increasingly becoming a main source of news for many. Since it is user-generated it is often politically polarized.

Our tricky environmental brains. How our minds convince us that we’re greener than we really are.

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Image: flickr/János Csongor Kerekes, CC BY-ND 2.0

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