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#GeekReads: 4 Quick Reads + 1 Watch that Made Us Smarter

In this week’s #GeekReads: should politicians be good liars; non-social sources of conformity; the evolution of racism; scheduling around office lethargy; simple steps toward behavior change.

Honest Abe? Psychologist Paul Ekman talks about how the ideal political candidate should be honest but not too honest. From Paul Ekman via Big Think.

Self-imitation. Social factors may not be required to produce conformity; people may confuse memories of their own behavior with average group behavior. From Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Psychonomie via PsyPost.

Roots of racism. A study on the ways individuals express altruism and spite within groups provides new evolutionary insight into racism. From Queens University via PsyPost.

Mental energy boost. Managing your emotional fluctuations so they don’t interfere with workflow will help you be more productive. From Shana Lebowitz via Business Insider.

Behavior change. In a world where people and their environments are infinitely complex, sometimes changing a behavior requires sticking to simple principles. Jason Hreha via Big Think.


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Dr Strange gives Charlie Brown psychiatric advice

#GeekReads: 4 Quick Reads + 1 Watch that Made Us Smarter

In this week’s #GeekReads: debunking dubious “science”; creating network-oriented nonprofits; capturing attention on social media; how trust shapes the brain; fighting anti-Muslim sentiment with comedy.


Neurobollocks. Neuroscience has been used to lend credibility to some dubious claims about human psychology. Dr. Christian Jarrett cuts through the hype in a new video. From Simon Oxenham via Big Think.

The webs we weave. By strategically building social networks that are mobilized around a common goal, nonprofits can increase their impact as movement makers. From Charlie Brown via Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Look over here! How do we rise above the noise on social media? A look into the science of capturing people’s attention. From Will Yakowicz via Big Think.

Can I trust you? Researchers have discovered structural differences in the brain reflecting how trusting people are of others. From University of Georgia via PsyPost.

Laughter is the best cure. Comedian Maz Jobrani uses comedy to challenge Muslim stereotypes and bridge cultural divides. From Robin Wright via The Atlantic.


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