Eric Antebi has spent more than two decades helping leading nonprofits, philanthropies and government agencies promote solutions to social problems. He is known for applying the science of strategy with the art of communications to move the people who matter most on an issue.

Eric sees his role as diving for treasure. Whether he is helping the California Health Care Foundation reduce unnecessary C-sections or helping the David and Lucile Packard Foundation make the case for protecting the world’s oceans, Eric loves to wrestle with complexity to find clear, powerful truths. He then designs strategies, crafts messages and polishes stories to bring those truths to life.

Previously, Eric was a senior vice president at Fenton, where he led much of the agencies work around branding, naming, messaging and campaign design. Before Fenton, Eric served as the national press secretary for the Sierra Club in their San Francisco headquarters and as the director of conservation policy and advocacy for the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston, Massachusetts.

Eric is a graduate of Brown University. He currently lives on the island of Alameda with his wife and two very smiley children.



California Health Care Foundation
David and Lucile Packard Foundation