Betsy López-Wagner

Senior Strategist (she/her)

Betsy is a mentor, coach, trainer and storyteller, developing and advising on equitable and inclusive strategies for social good. She offers consulting services in DEI assessment, training and language access, bilingual, environmental and equitable communications, political and advocacy campaigns, strategic partnerships, community and movement building, inclusive grantmaking, Latino/a/x, Black, Indigenous, and communities of color engagement, environmental policy, and media relations with a racial justice and equity lens.

She has worked alongside attorneys and lobbyists to safeguard the health of communities, protect our air and water, fight arctic drilling and protect the ocean’s resources. And – she’s co-devised strategies alongside grassroots activists to ensure their power is seen, heard and felt from regional to national levels. She is committed to supporting the growth of an inclusive and equitable conservation movement to strengthen global, national and state-level priorities to protect our environment, democracy, and above all, people – especially those on the frontlines of an increasingly warming planet, rising ocean and social injustice.

Why are you a strategist for good?

“I believe in supporting the development of a more equitable world than the one I entered – working as a vessel for social good is how I can do that.”

What’s your superpower?

“My neurodiversity is by far my ultimate superpower. It’s why, as I’ve been told that even when I procrastinate, I’m an overachiever.”

Who is your intellectual crush?

“I don’t know that I can pick just one person, there are so many incredible minds to love, past and present. Four that come to mind immediately include Stacey Abrams, Sonia Sotomayor, Sheldon Whitehouse and Leonardo DiCaprio. If I had a time machine… Jovita Idár.”

Based in Michigan



The Water Hub at Climate Nexus

Heising Simons Foundation

Corazón Latino

National Ocean Protection Coalition (NOPC)