Julia Liao

Strategist and Account Director

Julia (she/her) is a storyteller, communicator, and data and research enthusiast. She believes in the power of narrative, communications, and joy to make change, and is continually fascinated by how people are shaped as they move through the world. As a Strategist and Account Director at Wonder, she lives her passion for translating concepts and ideas into messages that are understandable, impactful, and real.

Prior to joining Wonder, she has been a behavioral researcher studying pro-environmental interventions, a social justice and labor organizer, a nonprofit fundraising and communications specialist, and a higher education instructor. She lives in sunny and mountainous Colorado Springs, and outside of work she loves diving into other worlds with their own stories to tell (books, movies, shows, games, you name it).

Why are you a strategist for good?

“My motivation to be a strategist for good comes from my communities. I once saw a quote from a therapist that we humans are not innately built to process suffering and trauma on the global scale that we experience in the modern day, and that feels very real to how I often feel about this work. But I *also* find true optimism and hope that we will live meaningful lives and have deep impact by being rooted in and fighting for our communities–however that’s defined for each of us–which is what brings me to do this work.”

What’s your superpower?

“Finding meaning in what may seem noisy and complex. I’ve been known to take notes from a meeting with many varying thoughts and ideas and distill them into a summary that clarifies the way forward, or to pull out the themes and connective threads that help clarify and explain new concepts for a confused audience.”

Who is your intellectual crush?

“The late Chinese-American civil rights activist and thought leader Grace Lee Boggs. When our collective social justice work starts to feel heavy, I always turn back to her vision for engaged, participatory, empathetic, humanized communities.”


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