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Blog: Wonderlab

Feed your inner geek with surprising solutions to tough communications challenges.

We blog about the brain, psychology, brands, stories, impossible victories and a whole bunch of other wonderful stuff.

We love when others share their smarts with us; this is our space to return the favor.


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  • Immersed, Transported & Persuaded by Story

    Immersed, Transported & Persuaded by Story

    How the Right Story Can Shape Our Attitudes – and Even Our Behaviors A Wonderlab Interview with Melanie Green Dr. Melanie Green studies the psychology of storytelling. Her research examines how becoming immersed in […]

  • #GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

    #GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

    In this week’s #GeekReads: diversifying books; trusting others; new brain technologies; deviating from gender roles; predicting feelings. Multicultural characters. Author, Dashka Slater, examines the lack of color and diversity in children’s literature. From Dashka […]

  • #GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

    #GeekReads: 5 Quick Reads that Made Us Smarter

    In this week’s #GeekReads: partisan media; reading the Constitution; the ideal affect; power of the mind; understanding our social brains. Spreading disinformation. A recent study suggests that partisan media outlets encourage us to disregard […]

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